Voice of "Plight of the Eritrean Refugees, Toronto, Canada"
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Thursday, December 8 2011|Larry Derfner The trek across the Sinai left a lot of their family members and other fellow sojourners dead at the hands of Egyptian border guards, or the torturing, raping, robbing, burning Sinai Bedouin “guides” whom the refugees pay to take them across the desert.  Now the government is going to complete . . .

Israel’s “war on work infiltrators”

“Infiltrators” is the government and media’s name for the African refugees crossing the Egyptian border into Israel. ”Survivors” is more accurate, but no matter; we’re going to war.

“How will the program for the war on work infiltrators be funded?” read the subhead in today’s Yediot Aharonot story. “The war on work infiltrators is being stepped up…” the opening sentence began.

The war on work infiltrators. This is what “the newspaper of the nation” calls the government’s program to deter refugees, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, from crossing the Egyptian border into Israel. (In Yediot’s English-language website, ynet, they’re referred to as “illegal refugees.” Nice.) At the bottom of the story, there’s a photo of a woman with a little boy, and it’s captioned, “Female infiltrator and her son on the Egyptian border.”

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  • DECEMBER 12, 2011


CAIRO—Egypt's year of political upheaval has left a shortfall in some law enforcement, and that has been a boon for criminal organizations that traffic in human organs, a human-rights group says.

On Monday, the Coalition for Organ-Failure Solutions, a nonprofit international health and human-rights organization, is to release a new study that shines a spotlight an underground trade that world health experts say thrives here and affects thousands of African refugees in the country.

The report, titled "Sudanese Victims of Organ Trafficking in Egypt," includes video testimony of corroborating victims, as well as documentation of ultrasounds, and records from transplant ...

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The conference heard that the experience of one Eritrean refugee, published in the report, is "all too familiar."   The boat on which he was fleeing was intercepted by Greek authorities, who then confiscated the engine and abandoned its occupants. He was rescued by fishermen, but detained on arrival in Greece.

Even those who make it to Europe cannot be considered safe

Stefan Kessler

A conference in Brussels has heard that the EU "actively hinders" the arrival of refugees to Europe.

The event was told this is the result of a "deep-seated aversion" of EU countries to give forced migrants access to asylum procedures.

Member states had also "failed" to agree on comprehensive reforms to improve national asylum systems, it was said.

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"Across the world, 88 percent of Eritrean migrants who seek asylum are recognized as refugees," said Reut Michaeli, an attorney for The Hotline for Migrant Workers. "I find it very difficult to believe that the ones who come to Israel are any different."

Israel OKs Funding to Block African Migrants

By AMY TEIBEL     Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) - The Israeli Cabinet voted unanimously Sunday to finance a $160 million program to stanch the flow of illegal African migrants by stepping up construction of a border fence and expanding a detention center to hold thousands of new arrivals.

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"I will safeguard the Jewish majority and the state, and I ensure that the last of the Sudanese, and the Eritreans, and all of the infiltrators, to the last of them, will return  to their countries," Yishai, of the Shas party, told Army Radio. "I have pity on the people of Israel."

Israel’s Yishai determined to deport Africans

December 8, 2011

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel's interior minister, Eli Yishai, promised to deport the tens of thousands of Africans who have crossed into his country illegally in recent years.

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A practice increasingly employed throughout the world

Rome, 7 December 2011 – In its latest report, Safe and Secure: How do Refugees Experience Europe's Borders?, JRS finds ample evidence that European governments actively hinder refugee arrivals. JRS field offices confirm these deplorable practices are not limited to Europe; they are rapidly becoming the norm throughout Asia and Africa.

As the world commemorates the anniversary on 10 December of this poignant document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Jesuit Refugee Service urges states to:

  • respond swiftly to all migrants and refugees in distress at sea and offer all those apprehended, including at land borders, access to procedures to determine whether they are in need of international protection; and
  • end the practice of forcibly removing migrants to third countries where their human rights cannot be effectively protected.
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"Never before the Mediterranean Sea has been as closely monitored as this year because of the war in Libya and still more boat people than ever perished or disappeared"

Matthew Vella

NATO officials have reportedly agreed to provide additional information into the deaths of asylum seekers in the Mediterranean, as part of an investigation by Dutch MP Tineke Strike for the Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly committee on migration.

The additional information may include satellite imagery.

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