The Trafficking of Men and Human Organs

The Tragedy of Eritrean Refugees

The Trafficking of Men and Human Organs

“Don’t even talk about meeting the marauding Bedouins, ” says our contact, the man who worked with them for years from El Arish. A few days ago there was a gun battle with police, and too many media are pay attention to the hostage affair in the Sinai. They are, however, the key to understand the mysteries of Sinai, how many are the abductees, and where did the Eritreans that rest outside the cemetery of El Arish have ended.

According to a chilling launch the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, the action of organ traffickers on the border between Egypt and Israel has already been denounced in September by a refugee from Eritrea to escape his captors Bedouins. The man had denounced the killing of his classmates after he was taken the money and their organs removed. The bodies were thrown into the luggage car of the robbers.

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