Thursday, December 8 2011|Larry Derfner The trek across the Sinai left a lot of their family members and other fellow sojourners dead at the hands of Egyptian border guards, or the torturing, raping, robbing, burning Sinai Bedouin “guides” whom the refugees pay to take them across the desert.  Now the government is going to complete . . .

Israel’s “war on work infiltrators”

“Infiltrators” is the government and media’s name for the African refugees crossing the Egyptian border into Israel. ”Survivors” is more accurate, but no matter; we’re going to war.

“How will the program for the war on work infiltrators be funded?” read the subhead in today’s Yediot Aharonot story. “The war on work infiltrators is being stepped up…” the opening sentence began.

The war on work infiltrators. This is what “the newspaper of the nation” calls the government’s program to deter refugees, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, from crossing the Egyptian border into Israel. (In Yediot’s English-language website, ynet, they’re referred to as “illegal refugees.” Nice.) At the bottom of the story, there’s a photo of a woman with a little boy, and it’s captioned, “Female infiltrator and her son on the Egyptian border.”

Infiltrators. When Israelis hear the word “infiltrators,” they think “terrorists,” which, of course, is the point of branding them as infiltrators. And what do you do with infiltrators, with terrorists? You make war on them. (The government doesn’t use the term “war,” but it routinely speaks of the Africans as an “existential threat,” so making war on them is only logical.)

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